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2013-03-08 18:32:55
This is great to use, simply amazing and time saving ... many thanks.
2012-12-29 03:29:54
Cannot get the bookmark to work. Tells me everytime that it needs to be at a report page (which it is). Any thoughts?

Dan: Fixed!
2011-07-17 22:06:52
Thank you for the report converter. Very nice time saver.
2011-07-10 14:26:23
Thanks Dan.
Just curious about joining this site (I do not like my name being Guest lol).
Great site though, keep up the good work mate.

Dan: Thanks, actually I am working on it for quite some time now. Some new features are almost finished, just need some time to polish them, so stay tuned ;]
2011-07-01 00:54:25
Amazing converter thanks!
2011-01-28 14:45:42
Hi, I have copy past my report, I was the defender and I won (defending my village), your generated report shows the attacker has won ??????? which was not the case, neither the report that I past to you (it contained the defender has woon, but it changed by your report generator to the attacker has won).

Dan: The result of the battle is calculated based on losses etc., not based on what is written in the report. This looks like a bug. Please send the report so I can investigate the case.
2011-01-11 06:04:06
If you want to help translate u have to polish (or w/e) why dont u post English text to translate. So if there (as example) a text to be translated to dutch you can use the english version to translate instead of the polish version (i guess u allready have a english version).

Dan: Although the website was originally written in Polish you do not have to use it as your 'base' language for translation. Please read the instructions carefully. Esp.: "After you register please check English as "Alternative source language" in settings."
2010-11-14 13:21:27
There is a bug :P

It keep adding a certain number of units to the "outside" row of the defender?

Dan: Fixed
2010-08-01 09:36:58
i am wating for the arabic beg

Dan: It's coming :] It will take some time though - I need to do some additional coding and prepare new images to support right-to-left writing.
2010-06-22 22:38:54
no .dk support on this site??

Dan: Nope. Though I would love to support it. I prepared a website - translate.tribal-reports.net where, everyone can help with the translation. I can't translate this website to so many languages by myself so I ask you, the users, to take part in this process.
2010-06-19 19:20:50
in the on-site reports strength is spelled incorrectly. It says "Strenght".

Dan: Thanks. Fixed.
2010-06-04 12:34:04
This is the best report converter any chance of getting it set up for the new .us server?

Dan: Yes, sure. I added it to monitored servers.
2010-05-19 10:00:33
why you don't make available converter for triburile.ro.
thanks. is a nice tools

Dan: No one says we wont. I would love to release a triburile.ro version.
Although I need your help. I have no budget for professional translators so I ask you, the users, to take part in this process. I prepared a website - translate.tribal-reports.net to make it as easy as possible for users to help in the translation.
2010-04-08 07:27:52
Great job on the converter. Thank you for all of your hard work.
2010-04-01 02:58:59
can we get a french version of this for the .fr players?
please thnx

Dan: Sure. Though I need your help. I prepared a website - translate.tribal-reports.net to ease translation. I can't translate this website to so many languages myself so I ask you, users, to take part in this process. With your help I can release French even tomorrow :]
2010-02-28 11:59:04
When I create a graphical report, the report is converted to english, but the image contains polish (i think) writing. This is an example:


Is there something I am doing wrong?

Dan: I have to admit that the image version wasn't updated in a long time. I will check it.
Update: I am working on updating it to be fully functional in all languages.
2010-02-08 20:50:48
How do you use the report groups. I don't get it?

Dan: You basically paste links to already converter reports and you get a web page with all those reports on a single page.
2010-02-07 15:47:18
I just made a report group with like dozens of reports in it and I deleted all the reports links because I had a single link to the group, but then I tried opening it and the page froze, it only showed me the banner on top of the page, is there like a limit to the number of reports in a report group?

The site is working perfectly other than that.

Dan: No there, there is not. That looks like a bug. I will see into it soon.
2010-02-02 00:41:13
its a good tool but the images and the reports do not come in english language ..

Dan: You must have made something wrong. Remember that reports are automatically translated to the language of the website's interface (no matter what is the report's original source language).
2010-01-24 21:51:16
When I try to convert reports I get a white screen unless I hide any bit of data or show buildings in graph form. I am using Firefox 3.5.7, and windows XP sp3.

Dan: This is a known bug. This issue should be solved in the coming weeks as I am going to upgrade the website's framework. In the meantime I switched caching completely off. This will unfortunately decrease performance, especially in peak times but this should do as a quick fix to this problem. Should it reappear please let me know.
2010-01-05 18:57:44
Hey mate - why wont the converter, convert reports when i hide the defenders troops, i just get a white screen :)

Dan: This error is really wired. It looks it is connected with caching system. I am working on solving this issue.
2010-01-04 20:52:34
Having problems hiding either attackeer or defender troops in Mozilla

Dan: I will see into it.
2009-12-21 09:04:47
seems like the converter is down for some time... i cannot use this magnificent software

Dan: What do you mean? What is now working properly? The website must be accessible since you wrote this comment..
2009-12-15 15:08:57
Hey guys, thanks for a great tool!! Feedback: you have info on all villages (building levels, troops etc.). You could allow a tribe login so that people can see the level of all buildings attacked by that tribe.

Another idea: could you incorporate the spoiler tags on the report so that you have to click the spoiler button to open it? People have started doing this manually, but a small header (e.g. 'Player X nuked, Farm -> level 0) followed by a spoiler tag with the whole report would be fantastic! Saves on space in the forums!!

Hope this is the right place to suggest this!!

Dan: Yes it is. Thanks for your feedback. About the spoiler thing - I placed it in my todo list. I will soon add it as an option. About the tribe login - not sure if I understand you correctly. I have same plans to integrate the converter more with the game and allow in-tribe cooperation, but we have to be very careful with this sensitive data. I take security really seriously and every "sharing" of data needs to be thought through. If you have some concrete ideas please email me (admin[at]tribal-reports.net).
2009-12-14 08:24:45
this is a cool news. Thank you.

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