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The author of the RW Converter script is Dan Latocha. He occasionally uses nick netdreamer. His passion is programming. He knows such programming languages as: PHP5 (OOP), XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JS. He's using: AJAX, Symfony, MVC, ORM. He is learning or he is planning to learn: C++, Java, Ruby. Moreover he is interested in Linux systems (he has his own web server). He is also interested in graphics and digital photography. In the free time (if he will temporarily get bored of what he named earlier) he is cycling or reading SF books. For the purposes of this site it is possible to communicate with him using the address .

The author of the original version of the graphic design is Adrian Majecki alias Morgan Kendal. Adrian is interested in: astronomy, computer games, new technologies, Internet, computer graphics, photography, travels, car tunning (Fiat Cinquecento). It is possible to contact him by the address


If you want to have Converter RW in your language (or your foreign friends ask for it) take part in our translation initiative!
All information you need can be found on this site.

People who already joined to the action: kobe (, Zoldborso, mokesz82 (, CreepingDeath (, Sharkha, arteclo (, kamil-a925 (, disbalance (, Tr3LoS, kacperamix (, gymka (, Wolan (, översättaren (, phil_cz (, and many other anonymous users.

If you helped in the translation and you are not on this list please send me an email.


The script of the RW Converter is a property of Dan Latocha who is it's only author. The author is reserving the right for the idea and the performance. The original design of the RW Converter is authorships of Adrian Majecki. The author is reserving the right for the idea and the performance.
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