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2009-05-16 23:13:04
This seems like a very nice converter, supplying one with parameters like attack & defence strenght, resources, population etc., in addition to just converting what the ingame reports show. There is one thing I dislike veyr much though, and that is the fact that reports from tribalwars.no, although claimed to be supported, are not. I have tried dusins of different reports; clearings, defenses, scout attacks, fakes and ennoblements, but all I get is the message "Błędne dane lub język raportu nie obsługiwany!". Many Norwegian players would be very grateful if there would be at least one converter supporting reports from our servers.

Dan: That is strange - I just tested it and it converted a report without a problem. Can you please send me the original report that does not convert? I will check it. You can also try using the link.

Update 3.2.2010
Dan: Thanks a lot for the reports. I found what was wrong. Fixed!

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