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2009-12-07 23:28:13
We Need to Allow Archer Worlds with this Tool, ITS AMAZINGLY HELPFUL!

Dan: You mean the one with 11 unit types? Sorry for the delay, they are coming soon...

Update: Done!
2009-11-25 11:13:31
i think it true we all love you . thanks so so much for this wonderful tool
2009-10-23 10:48:00
Excellent tool. nice compact reports on the forum.
One question tho, why do i sometimes get the 'troops outside the village' in black text (easy to see) and other times in white text (easy to miss)?

Dan: That definitely looks like a bug. Please send me some reports (admin[at]tribal-reports.net) with this error. I will see in to it. Thanks!
2009-10-04 23:15:35
perfect! it's really awesome!
2009-09-19 11:16:53
Best converter, ever! Thanks a lot.
2009-08-23 19:07:12
looks great on forum!
couple of things cause im lazy, how about some javascript vars in the bookmark link so i/we dont have to choose every time?

ie. graphic='forum'; attacker='hide'; confirm=false;

graphic: forum, report, image. (default forum)
attacker: hide, show. (default show)
defender: hide, show. (default show)
espionage: hide, show. (default show)
buildings: table, chart. (default table)
domfirm: true, false. (default true) - when true, this would take you straight to the result page.

so in my bookmarks id have;
wr converter - the bookmark link as it is just now
attack converter - link hiding attacker troops, my troops
defender converter - link hiding defenders troops, my troops

actually, with a little more coding, you could probably make the script hide the report owners troops automatically, whether they were attacking or defending...

ie. graphic='forum'; owner='hide'; confirm=false;

this is more a book than a comment - sorry!

Dan: That is actually a great idea. I thought about saving last used settings (so they are persistent between conversions). I guess connection of both would be best. But anyway I have really limited time for this site right now so it will have to wait. I added it to my to-do list. It is really simple to implement so I will do it asap.
2009-07-30 21:29:08
Absolutely sick. Thanks for keeping this going.
2009-06-29 04:26:34
awesome ;)
2009-06-28 04:01:29
is there a way to hide the attacker's or defender's village?

Dan: It is currently impossible. I will think about it.
2009-06-19 16:17:20
I've been using this converter for a while now, but I still can't figure out how to use the group report..or is it operational already?

Dan: Yes it is operational. All you have to do is to paste several links to already converted reports (each link in one line) - links created on this site, not links to reports in the game.
2009-06-16 23:02:19
It doesn't work. Every time I try to convert a report i get a page saying the report is ready but under it says:

Błędne dane lub wersja nie obsługiwana!

What does that mean?

Dan: Error informations are not translated yet. They are currently hard coded in the source but I will change this soon. This error says that there is something wrong with the report you are pasting in. Probably it's in unsupported language. Are you trying to convert an English report? If so and you are confident there is something wrong with the converter please send this report to admin (at) tribal-report (dot) net.
I will try to check what is wrong. Thanks.
2009-05-16 02:49:17
Dude. this is so AWESOME!!.. its even more better than the other converters
2009-05-07 00:39:41
Great converter, absolutely love it!

Only the outside troops are quite unreadable when you copy/paste them on forums. Can that color be changed to normal black also? Now I have to manually edit the color on them.


Dan: Strange, I see them as only a little bit lighter, so they can be distinguished from other. I will soon check it in different colour configurations.
2009-05-02 00:20:51
This is the best converter ;)

I just love it :)
2009-04-23 15:48:59
great tool -Easy, effective ,nice looking I use it every day in my forum reports
thanks keep on good work ;)
2009-04-17 16:12:14
This is very cool. Thanks for making it. I especially like the google chart. Awesome. You da man!

1.) I would suggest that you add the option to remove the "haul" information. Because hidden attacker's units can be determined through that data.

2.) Can you make the lighter orange color (the building levels lost) on the google chart a tad bit darker so that the destruction can be seen more clearly? There's not enough contrast with the white background.

Thanks again. Kudos.

Dan: Thanks for you appreciation and suggestions - I will surely consider them ;]
2009-04-17 03:57:28
Better converter than anything I have seen to date
Thanks ;)
2009-04-05 10:24:41
Great tool for those who doesn't have Free PA! :)
Love it!!
2009-03-20 04:41:53
It is very cool, way cooler then the one that TW gives you. Why don't they use a good one? Great job guys.
2009-03-19 00:28:09
Very nice report converter. Best one I have seen.
2009-03-18 15:05:12

I see there is a minor glitch when creating a report for non-archer world. It still tries to show archers, so the columns are messed up a bit. Here is example: http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/4924/imgphpqejy9vsus2jaqjutv.png

Other than that - really great and valuable site, <3 it ;)

Dan: I know about this. That is on top of my 'to do' list. The image version is a little back compared to other versions. Unfortunately I have limited time right now ;/ but I promise it will be repaired.
2009-03-15 07:58:19
window needs to be bigger when you copy reports to paste sometimes you can't get the whole report other than that love it

Dan: The idea was that the whole text would be auto-selected by javascript, so there is no need to see it all to select it. I will check if everything is ok.
2009-01-17 04:33:32
Awesome tool.. you rock!
2009-01-09 00:31:07
Love it!

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