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What is WR Converter?

It is a script written in PHP that converts battle and espionage reports from on-line browser-based strategy game to fit in the internal forums of the game. Additionally it is possible to create reports in form of images (that are automatically hosted on Each report contains a link to an on-line version with additional calculations and statistics.

What does it give?

The script allows for faster and easier inserting reports on the tribal forums because it automatically adds bb-code in the appropriate places, such as the player's nickname, the location of villages etc.. Thanks to this alliance players can quickly and easily know how is the situation. Also, thanks to the 'image' version you can easily place any report in all external forums. WR Converter can also be used to translate reports - independent of the source report language, generated reports will be in the language of the website's interface.

Is it legal to use this script?

Yes, of course.

What part of the report should I paste into the form

Into the form you can paste even all page (use Ctrl + A keys combination). If you don't want to do this, you should copy the part which begins with word 'Send' if you want to have an attack date in your report, otherwise from the next line.

What are Converters features?

Converter can generate war and espionage reports. It supports all available worlds (including 6.0+). In addition to the 'default' data in normal reports it also generates information about survivors and for orientation purposes the amount of resources lost by both sides. Losses are calculated based on the cost of lost units. In the on-line (report on site) version additional calculation are provided - attack/defence strength and the number of earned points in defeated opponents ranking.

How long are the reports kept on the server?

Reports in the on-line version are stored on the server for half a year (180 days) since the last display. Reports that have never been displayed are removed after 2 months (60 days) counted from the day of the conversion. Cleaning of the database takes place automatically every week.

What is 'The link', and what is it for?

It is a piece of JavaScript code included in a link. If you click on it while viewing a report you will be redirected to this site, where you can choose some options and finish the conversion process. Your report will be automatically copied. The link will work in both reports menu and public access reports in all language versions. The use of this link is recommended as it is much faster and minimalizes the possibility of errors that might occur during improper manual copying. More info.

What language versions does Converter support?

Fully supported versions are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Other versions are only supported if you use the Link and will not contain information about buildings and loyalty losses. The report's language is automatically recognized. The output report is translated to the language of the interface.

Does RW Converter converts help reports?


Is Converter still under development?

Yes! All comments are welcome. You can post them at

What can I do if something goes wrong?

If something changes in the game and converter stops working properly or you find any other problems please report them at or give me a note at . I will try to solve the problem.
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